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Industrial pumps, low-pressure blowers, steam turbines, installations and oil maintenance. Industrial maintenance with professional expertise, flexibility and reliability.

Versatile pump selection

Our carefully selected selection includes well-known brands: Allweiler, IMO, Atlas Copco, Flowserve, SIHI, SAER, SERO, Versamatic, Dominator and LSM.

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Industrial maintenance with professionalism

Professionalism and technical know-how brought by decades of experience in maintenance procedures for power plants, paper mills and process industries.

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Experienced professionals

Our experts will help you choose the right pump and we also offer original spare parts and a functional maintenance and installation service.

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Expertise and effective troubleshooting

Our experts have decades of experience of maintenance in power plants, paper mills and process industry systems, and this expertise is maintained via regular training. Analysis and troubleshooting form a large part of our expertise. For example, when a steam turbine fails to start, the cause of the problem is hardly ever evident, and finding the flaw requires professional skills and a high level of meticulousness.

When you order maintenance from an expert partner, you save the resources of your maintenance and operations unit for other tasks.

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We offer expertise and services that cover your machine’s entire life cycle

Correct installation and predictable, regular maintenance guarantee a long service life for your industrial machines and minimise non-scheduled downtime. With good anticipation, all the spare parts required can be ordered in good time. We provide you with a detailed maintenance report, complete with pictures, that includes information on all the measures taken and the parts replaced, along with proposals for subsequent maintenance visits. To us, high quality of work also means keeping the maintenance site tidy and performing the work in compliance with safety regulations.

The correct pump for your application

When deciding on the right pump for you, we will first discuss all the relevant factors that affect the material the pump must be made of. What kind of liquid will the pump be used for? How much pressure is needed? How high must the pump’s output be? On the basis of this information, we recommend a suitable pump. We guarantee that the pump’s efficiency will meet your requirements.

We have expertise on various pumps and their life cycles. With our long experience of a range of industrial fields, we can recommend the right pump to meet your needs. We also offer skilled installation services and regular maintenance to ensure that your pump lasts for decades.