Eurofasteners - providing C-product services to our customers

We serve our customers in a comprehensive way, incl. providing shelving and stockpiling services, kitting and packaging services, as well as other services that can be tailored to customer requirements.

Our serviced is based on developing the customer’s business operations with the C-Product Service concept.

We take responsibility for the agreed tasks, and are responsible for the development of our operations.

In all of our activities, we follow the principles of the LEAN methods.

Our office in Finland is located in Vantaa; and our quality assurance department and main warehouse are located in Estonia, near Tallinn. Our absolute specialty is our ability to solve and streamline the logistics of small supplies for our customers, without compromising on quality. 


Our product selection comprises of more than 100 000 items, of which 9000 items are in stock. The products are delivered to our customers in Finland, Estonia, and all over the world.

Our products and services consist of  standard parts, branded and special products, customer specific C-products, ready made sets and raw materials.


What makes a successful C-product service?

we successfully understand the needs and expectations of our customers, cost-efficiency and superior service. Eurofasteners will manage C-product services on your company’s behalf, developing your production efficiency and quality. We ensure the quality of the products in accordance with the customer’s specifications.


Our most important customer groups are

• Electronics industry
• Metal industry
• Assembly industry


Our business operations are ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified

We ensure the quality of the products in accordance with the customer’s specifications . Our acceptance and logistics processes consider even the strictest customer-specific requirements regarding product quality. For quality assurance, our quality department uses quality assurance processes based on ISO9001.

Our products receive an acceptance inspection in Finland and in Estonia. The acceptance reports are stored electronically on our system. Our actual main location for quality assurance is in Estonia, right next to Tallinn.