Masino Industry – a piping product supplier that understands the entire production chain.

Masino Industry is a Finnish supplier of high-quality piping products. Our production facility, which is located in Ylöjärvi, manufactures expansion joints, hose assemblies and flexible joints for challenging industrial applications. Our products are known for their high quality, and the majority of our products are exported.


We design, manufacture and deliver the products to your unique needs.


Our strong know-how and an active service attitude manifests as high quality to our customers.


We test the products according to your requirements and perform an individual final inspection.

Our metal expansion joints and metal hoses are made at our plant in Ylöjärvi.

Metal expansion joints

Subjected to meticulous testing, the metal expansion joints can be used to compensate for thermal expansion and mechanical vibration and to reduce noise in piping systems. Their applications include district heating and process industry pipelines, shipbuilding and power plants.


Metal hoses

With their high resistance to chemicals, mechanical wear and fluctuations in temperature, these products are used in pipes for steam, condensation, gas, oil and chemicals. The hoses are rigorously tested and have several type approvals from various classification bodies.