Masino-Konaflex – a full-service partner

We specialise in mechanical, pneumatic and hydrodynamic power transmissions, and hydraulics and filtration technology solutions.

We offer comprehensive service solutions where power transmissions and hydraulics are combined with electrical and automation technology.

We deliver a full range of industrial equipment services, from design and parts acquisition to assembly.

Masino-Konaflex’s operations bring together flexibility, great service and outstanding expertise.


The meticulous design of device entities plays a major role in the achievement of the desired results. We design tailor-made solutions for our customers and select suitable components.


We utilise selection and calculation programs from various suppliers, which allow us to quickly determine the correct size and type of the components required. Our CAD calculation and design service takes care of the entire machine system for you.



Our machining department primarily machines the products we sell.We have excellent, up-to-date equipment, which lends itself to a wide range of machining jobs.


Thanks to our high-quality machinery, we can machine boreholes and keyways of any size in a flexible and efficient manner – even on the same day. With the help of our extensive partner network, we can deliver unique, non-standard parts.



We can offer extensive hydraulics expertise, from the design of devices to the systems and assembly. We also offer customised hydraulics systems and the maintenance and modernisation related to them.


Whether you are looking for small or standard hydraulic power unit or customised hydraulic power unit, systems or actuators, we can offer you a suitable solution. In the manufacture of hydraulic power units, we use our in-house component product program.



We carefully listen to our customers’ maintenance needs. With our strong expertise and skilled staff, we can look after our customers’ needs throughout the product’s life cycle.


We specialise in the maintenance of hydraulic pumps and motors. Additionally, our facility in Turku is equipped with a test bench that allows us to perform a joint test of pumps and motors used in open power transmission, or to test hydraulic pumps and motors separately.


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