Masino Group

The Masino Group is a group of companies that operates in technical trade and serves the Finnish industry and production. Many of our products are market leaders in their fields. Masino, a family business, is an expert partner for both our clients and our Finnish and international suppliers.



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in Finland, one in Estonia

The companies of the Masino Group

serve the needs of different sectors of industry through their extensive expertise and diverse range of products and services, including power transmission solutions, hydraulic systems and maintenance, filtration technology, pumps, blowers, turbines, industrial maintenance, industrial piping products, fastening and assembling technology, soldering technology and metals, rock reinforcement systems, ventilation, concrete fibres and HEPAC fixing and installation accessories.



Masino was founded in 1958. It all began with the need to find a small motor for a piece of machinery.


We pride ourselves on quality in all our operations and have certified quality systems.


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