Suomen TPP – An expert supplier of rock reinforcement, underground ventilation and concrete technologies

We provide high-quality products and expert service to underground worksites for rock support, injection and ventilation, as well as concrete strengthening and sealing. We are the leading supplier of materials in our industry for Finnish mines, tunnel contractors and concrete plants.

As your partner, we know your industry and your needs thoroughly

You will get access to our long experience in mining and quarrying technologies and concrete fibres. We have been serving customers since 1991.


We can help you choose and use your products to ensure that you get safe solutions to meet your needs. We have won the trust of our customers and principals with our know-how and uncompromising service attitude.



Our products are tested for quality and are competitively priced.

For our range, we accept only those products that we have found to be of excellent quality. We enjoy long-term, sustainable relationships with manufacturers. We have reliable manufacturers in Europe, North America and Asia. Over the years, we have built long-term and lasting relationships with them. We strive to be the best in both cost-effectiveness and quality.


We deliver products quickly, direct from our warehouse.

We keep a large stock of standard products so we can act quickly according to customer needs. You will get the products that you need quickly and the work at your site can proceed uninterrupted.